New Quilting Studio Page Added

September 12, 2011 at 10:13 pm Leave a comment

Be sure to check out my new page, found on the Quilting Studio tab! Although I forgot to get a photo when it still was a bed-storage room, you can see several in-progress photos. There is also a discussion of why, as an art quilter, I chose a sit-down Tin Lizzie 18 rather than the same quilting machine in a frame.

I still need to add some photos of the studio that include the cutting table and Tin Lizzie 18, but the picture at the bottom of the post shows the room color and storage furniture better.

I have been planting in the portions of the garden visible from my quilting work station. The spring garden has lots of bulbs, but nothing much in the fall. Now there are ferns, mums and asters near the house, in addition to the more distant summer petunias and marigolds.

I love working here, especially when the morning sun comes through the window!


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