Deer Out My Window

October 7, 2011 at 10:34 am Leave a comment

I am starting a new quilt today–I had my local quilt club’s mystery quilt all packaged, three bobbins wound and I was ready to go, when I noticed my cat Squeek staring intently out the window.  Two does were outside, not 20 feet from the house!  I rushed quietly away to get my camara, but when I returned,  Squeek had lost interest and the deer were moving on out of sight.  I tried to get a quick shot, but somehow the camara was set on movie and the does were too far out of sight along the house to get much but 2 seconds of a sun-bleached deer moving into the shadow.  Bummer!

I had a little trouble with my TL 18 last night, which persisted this morning.  Somehow, after winding bobbins, the needle would not go at all!  I tried all the tricks I knew, then called my dealer.  We tried a few things, none particularly related to the problem but this time, when I pressed the foot control and at the same time, turned the hand wheel, I could feel a little surge in the speed of the handwheel as the machine started working.  Thank heavens!

So, I know what I will be doing for the next few hours until Chuck and I walk down to the grade school to pick up our grandson, Garrett!  The “boys” will be finishing up on a woodworking project–painting a golf putter and practice hole.

This quilt will be about 5 1/2′ by 3 1/2′, a good size to fold at the foot of my bed, to be opened if I have cold feet when I finally tumble into the bed after late night insomnia prowling.

One interesting thing I will be trying on this project is adding a border to the back side that exactly matches the location of the front border. I have discovered that if the backing already has a border before packaging the quilt, there is the problem of getting the two sides centered correctly so the front and back borders line up exactly.  Tried that before, drove me crazy.

So this time, I am going to quilt the pieced center, almost to where I want to add the border, then stitch around the center section to show where the border should be attached to the back.   I plan to flip the quilt over, position and then  sew the left and right sides of the back border using the previous stitching as a guideline. After I flip the side borders over and secure them, I should be able to add the top and bottom borders, then flip them and be ready to quilt the borders all around the quilt.  Hope it works!


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