My Passions

What brings a light to your eyes, a lilt to your voice, and a spring to your step? Those things are your passions. My passions include designing art quilts, especially for my church, and puppetry, particularly making puppets and props.

cats-in-the-windowbox-compJust for simple enjoyment, I watch my two cats as they re-negotiate the territory.  One is the style-conscious clown, the other is the high queen, she who must be obeyed! Generally, Squeek, the apricot long-hair, is the fashionable feline. She always chooses her accessories carefully. A tan catnip lion with an orange mane, or an orange catnip mouse that might be mistaken for a carrot with a long tail. Cleo, on the other hand, is definitely high queen of this castle. A dark brown tiger, she lurks in the underbrush, dashing out to put Squeek in her place. Of course, Squeek  loves it, thinking that Cleo is entirely too serious.

I am puppet director for my church, Pathway Community Church of Gallipolis, Ohio. Puppets have taken over two closits and most of a bedroom. Craft materials to make props fill two tall cabinets. Rolls of stage backdrops and a portable stage clutter the bedroom floor. Props from previous productions are stacked along the wall. And that’s just what I have a home. At church, we must have 10 tote boxes and drawers of puppets, plus two more stages, and assorted props. It is almost embarrassing how blessed we are in our puppet ministry at Pathway.

granny-cropPuppets are an important part of our summer VBS programs, as well as special occasions throughout the year. The most regular performer is “Granny Pearl”, who appears monthly in her old-fashioned dress and flowered straw hat with a dangling price tag. (She says it keeps the bugs out of her eyes.) Granny meets friends at her garden gate and talks about the way God reveals his wisdom in the garden. To Granny, talking to God and tending her garden are as natural as breathing. She is my alter-ego.

I started quilting about three years ago, with an earnest desire to learn the techniques I would need to make banners and wall hangings for my church. Beyond beauty, I want my creations to express something about God–his love for us, our yearning for him.

I develop my skills by trying new techniques at, and by learning from the exceptional quilters in two quilt groups. I belong to the Old and New Quilters in my own community of Gallipolis OH, as well as the Quilts-N-Things Quilt Guild across the Ohio River in Point Pleasant WV. We meet monthly for show and tell, as well as programs and special projects. They are both wonderful groups of women that I have enjoyed getting to know.

I also belong to the Appalachian Ohio Fiber Guild, whose members have diverse interests that range from raising sheep, goats and llamas, to spinning, dyeing, felting, knitting, crochet and quilting.  See the fiber guild blog at to get an idea of our activities.


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