Quilt Gallery

So far, all of my quilts have been small, as I try out new techniques or because of time limitations.  Also, I don’t have room for large art quilts, and I don’t have the patience for full size bed quilts.  I prefer art quilts, but seem to have completed more baby quilts than art qults.


I generally exhibit my art quilts at the French Art Colony’s annual art show, which has a fiber division. One of my quilts, “Sunflowers,” was chosen for a month-long exhibition and received a Best in Division.  It also received a Viewer’s Choice award at the annual Founders’ Day quilt show in the Our House Tavern, also in Gallipolis.

The quilt began at a Quilts N Things Quilt Guild “Snippits” workshop with colors chosen as part of a three-crayon challenge in my other qulting group, the Old and New Quilters of Gallipolis OH. The quilt use  uses both pieced construction, as well as raw edge applique and free motion quilting.  Materials used include purchased cotton, satan and tulle fabrics, as well as fusible web.

“Two Doors”

“Two Doors” is based on an historical building in Staunton, VA, just across from the train station.  The building is a combination warehouse and dwelling.  My husband took the photo as he waited for me to arrive after a visit to my mother who lived in Reston VA.  On a subsequent trip through Staunton, I bought many of the fabrics used in the wall hanging at a quilt shop just a few doors away.

I completed the quilt in time to submit it to the 2011 Sacred Threads Exhibition in Herndon, VA.  To me, the two doors represent the motivations we have when we approach God in prayer.  Many times, we come asking for things (the double door to the warehouse) and at other times, we come to spend time in his presence (the dwelling door.)  The panels in the door form a cross, the means by which we can approach the Father.

Out of the Depths”

“Out of the Depths,” was also accepted for exhibition.  It is featured in the 2011 Gallery of the Sacred Threads Exhibition website and also was included in the November 2011 issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited. It represents a desparate cry from someone immersed in a pit of despair. Quilting represents the sharp angular shapes of painful circumstances, as well as a descending extension from above that enfolds the man, quilted over shimmering tulle to represent the presence of the Holy Spirit.

I make wall hangings for my church, Pathway Community Church.  Here asome of the ones I have made so far.

Easter Story Quilt (fabric painted) made for youth group play

“Out of the Depths” was shown at the 2011 Sacred Threads Exhibition in Herndon, VA


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